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Frequently Asked



Can I pay by check?


We accept payment via Paypal, Zelle and credit card via Paypal.

How can I be updated about new events and event details?

The best place to get updates is on our facebook page found here MVP Scrappers on Facebook.  ​

Do I have to stay at the hotel if I attend your event?

Why are hotel reservations not included in your cost? 

Hotel room reservations are not included in the price of registration.  We do this for two very important reasons.  1.) you can decide who you room with and how many people you'd like in your room and 2.) we don't require you to stay at the hotel.  If you'd like to stay at home and commute to the event - no problem!  We do offer a group rate for hotel reservations under the MVP Scrappers group name.  You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations.

How is the lighting at the events?

Lighting at each event varies.  We highly recommend you bring a small workstation light.

Do you provide a Cricut/Silhouette?

No, we do not. 

Are all of your events held at hotels?

Yes, MVP events are hosted at hotels.  Interested in a smaller retreat in a home setting - check out my sister business at Val's Place Indiana.

How is your seating done?  Is it pre-assigned?

Our seating is preassigned.  It is often a difficult task to insure that groups are seated together and special requests are met.  As such, we ask that you not request a different spot once you arrive in the room.   We work hard to make sure everyone has a great spot!

Do you play music during the event?

Yes and No.  Music is tricky.  If you or your group would like to play some music low at your table you may do so.  However, if another scrapper or group complains, I will ask that you use earbuds.  It's tough - a silent room drives me nuts but I once was at a crop where a scrapper played nothing but Bonnie Riatt.  I'm trying to find a happy medium and we'll adjust as we go along with what seems to work with the group for each event.

Will there be outlets?

Each event space does have outlets and I bring a large supply of power strips, extension cords, and duct tape.  This way you can bring your own Cricut, light, etc. and we can usually get you plugged into a power source no problem.  You are more than welcome to bring your own as well.

How long is the crop room open?

The room is open as long as there is one brave scrapper scrapbooking away!  Once the last scrapper is ready to hit the sack, they let the front desk know to lock up the room.  Then when the first scrapper is ready to go in the morning, they let the front desk know to unlock the room.  I have some events were the room never gets locked and other times where it is locked for a couple of hours in the wee wee early hours of the morning.

I don't scrapbook, but I do quilt.  Can I still attend?

If you have a craft that you can do other than scrapbooking, you are certainly more than welcome to join us!  Put in the registration note what type of craft you will be doing so that we can make sure to accommodate your needs.  So if you are a digital scrapper, quilter, knitter, jewelry maker, etc.....come join us!

Can I bring my children?

No.  For the safety of your children as well as the enjoyment of all scrappers, children are not to be in the event room with you unless they are 16 years or older (and a PAID scrapper).  If your child is 16 or older, and would like to join us, they must register and pay as do all the scrappers.  Your children are always more than welcome to visit you during the course of the weekend in the hotel common areas.   Please note that I love kids (I'm mom to FOUR!) - but I can't always make sure that the conversation content is Rated G in an addition to the fact that a lot of attendees use the retreat as a chance to recharge and would prefer to do that in a child free area.  I'm happy to look into hosting a mom and me crop date at some point in the future!

Do you play games at your event?


What is your cancelation policy?

This is a new policy. There are no cash refunds for cancelling for a retreat. We do offer you the opportunity to move your registration and payment to another event for a $30 service fee if you make the request to Valerie at least 30 days prior to the original event date. You are required to move that registration to an event within one year of the original date. Requests made less than 30 days will not be granted. However, you may sell or give your registration to someone else.

What if there is inclement weather?

In the event of a weather emergency where roads are impassible within a 60 mile radius of the event location (including the event location) due to a blizzard, flooding, tornado, or other severe weather related event, the event is canceled.  In the case of a canceled event, event registration will be moved to a future event date.  Should an event be canceled due to a weather emergency- an update would be posted on the website, attendees would be contacted via e-mail and via phone.

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